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5 Important Tips to A Healthy Diet Plan For Teenage Girl

healthy diet plan for teenage girl

Teenage is one of the prominent times for girls to start looking after their health and fitness, being used to a healthy diet from teenage can help a lot in the growing years and through adulthood. This is the time when most girl’s bodies, minds, and personalities are developed; a healthy diet improves all three of them and improves internal as well as external well-being. Uncontrolled and unmanaged food habits can disbalance the hormones which later leads to obesity, skin & hair problems, PCOD, weakness, mental health issues, etc. Therefore it is essential to make a proper diet plan, you don’t need to eliminate your favorite dishes, cut off sweets, ice-cream, fast food, etc; you only need to manage your eating habits, look after how much you eat, be concerned about the quality of food you are eating, and stop consuming unhealthy food items. Here are 5 important tips for you to develop a healthy diet plan for teenage girls.

Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast:

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Teenage girls are most likely to skip breakfast for waking up late in the morning; Doesn’t matter when you wake up, you must begin your day with a healthy treat, eat something that gives you a boost of energy and improves your mood. Some of the healthiest options are- Oatmeal, Fruits & Nuts, Muesli, Dosa, Moong dal chilla, whole wheat tortillas, etc.

Include lots of veggies and fruits:

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Most of the skin and hair problems during the teenage years occur for not having enough greens in your diet. Vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, etc contain essential nutrients like vitamins, protein, fiber, and potassium; they help improve our digestive system, increase immunity, clears toxins, and give energy. Seasonal fruits are a must for a teenage diet, fruits are full of vitamins and antioxidants that increase brain power, make skin healthy, reduce the risk of diseases, and protect internal organs.

Find out which foods are harmful to you:

Several food items become toxic if eaten regularly, these foods contain unhealthy fats, harmful agents, artificial flavor, preservatives, and allergic ingredients. It is important to consult with a doctor and find out what foods you should avoid; packaged food, too much oily food, processed foods, canned or frozen foods should be reduced. Some people can easily tolerate dairy while some are lactose intolerant, some people have a slower metabolism and some have faster, it is important to know your body and consume foods that are not harmful to you.

Drink extra fluids:

Drink at least 6 glasses of water daily, water alone can flush out impurities from your body, it detoxifies your skin and cells, helps balance the body temperature, and improves health conditions like fever, menstrual pain, headache, etc. Add a little salt and sugar to water once daily, drink fresh fruit juices, detoxifying drinks, fruits, and vegetables that contain fluids (orange, watermelon, lichee, etc)

Avoid eating at irregular timings:

Do you like munching all the time? Do you look for snacks at midnight? Do you often crave savory or sweet food? Well, these are some of the unhealthy habits. Eating your favorite food is not prohibited but you must mind these things- portion size, how much you eat, how often you eat, and what times you eat. If you have a habit of munching then you must eat a heavy lunch to avoid feeling hungry before dinner, replace unhealthy snacks with healthy nuts, yogurt, banana smoothie, homemade cookies, herbal tea, etc.


Health professionals like dieticians recommend eating at a regular time everyday, eating your breakfast between 7-9 AM, Lunch when the sun is above your head, and dinner between 7-9 PM; you must eat dinner 2 hours before you go to sleep and have some warm milk or herbal tea before bed.

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