7 Reasons You Should Include Green Vegetables In Your Diet

Basic Nutrition Concepts

You will always see elders, particularly mothers running after their little ones to make them eat green vegetables. There is a good reason behind this. Green vegetables have several health benefits. We come to realize this only in the later years of our lives how important it is for our health.

In case you are someone who loves meat products over these veggies every time, you should give it a second thought. Given below are a few reasons which will tell you why you should include green veggies in your daily diet.

7 Reasons You Should Include Green Vegetables In Your Diet
7 Reasons You Should Include Green Vegetables In Your Diet

1. Good Source Of Iron

Are you suffering from hair fall? One of the best remedies is to have green vegetables. Low iron content might cause hair to fall. If you include leafy vegetables that rich in iron such as spinach, it will help in maintaining the iron level of your body.

Therefore, it is a good choice for people who are suffering from low hemoglobin. This is because low hemoglobin is caused by decreased iron levels in your body.

2. Makes You Look Younger – Green Vegetables

Dieticians often have to say that when you have more color on your palette, you enjoy more health benefits. Choosing the right vegetables is capable of doing great wonders in regards to making you look younger.

Consequently, if you have green veggies, you do not have to undergo any surgery to maintain your youthful look. Green means freshness and this is gradually going to reflect on your body and face.

3. Helps In Maintaining Weight

It is a known fact that green vegetables have low carbohydrate and fat content. When you plan or form your diet chart, you should add some green veggies to it. Rather than choosing processed or packet food, you should opt raw, green, and fresh vegetables. This way you will be able to maintain a proper diet.

Subsequently, it will help you to stay away from unnecessary fats and share a closer connection with green veggies. The latter is going to be helpful in the long run, that is in your old age.

7 Reasons You Should Include Green Vegetables In Your Diet
7 Reasons You Should Include Green Vegetables In Your Diet

4. Great Source Of Anti-Oxidants- For Green Veggies

You might have been staying away from the veggies because of their taste but if you know what it offers, you will surely overlook it. When you have fresh veggies, it will provide you with anti-oxidants. This will keep your skin radiant and glowing by protecting it from various skin disorders.

Therefore, by including them in your diet, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on skin products. It will also protect your skin against any internal damage and give you a flawless look.

5. Makes Your Bones Stronger

Green veggies are rich in Vitamin K. It means when you have them, it will make your teeth and bones stronger. Vitamin K is responsible for the production of osteocalcin. This is necessary for maintaining your bone health.

Consequently, it prevents osteoporosis in women. Thus, women should have green veggies to maintain their bone health.

6. Improves Your Eyesight

Vitamin A present in leafy vegetables can be good for your eyesight. Thus, kids should be given vegetables rich in vitamin A from a young age. When you consume it on a daily basis, it will maintain and improve your eyesight.

However, in case your kid is not ready to eat it, make a vegetable soup for them. Make sure that you take their preference into consideration when you prepare the soup.

7. Keeps You Hydrated – With Green Vegetables

During summer-time, we drink a lot of fluids to keep ourselves hydrated. However, nobody will tell you that you should also have green leafy vegetables. These are good sources of water and will keep the body hydrated.

With this in mind, make sure you have them in good quantity next summer.

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