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Daniel Diet Food List Guide For Great Health

daniel diet food list

The Daniel Diet Food List is one of the most popular diets in the world. The Daniel Fast is an exclusive spiritual partial fast, which is especially popular among Evangelical Protestants worldwide in which only water, meat, and other high-protein rich foods are eliminated in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables for usually three days in order to be closer to God. This fasting was started by the reverend Father Thomas Becket in 1086 in Germany when he went into exile after being condemned for preaching the gospel. 

An Overview

After his return to England, he began to preach about the true gospel, which was the substitutionary atonement. Through the course of his writings he tries to demonstrate why this substitutionary atonement is necessary for salvation. His message becomes very well known in the Eastern Church, since it includes the parable of the Lost sheep which was told by Jesus to His disciples while He was explaining to them that they would soon be fed by Him.

There are many reasons as to why people choose to follow this kind of faith. Among them are fears about a person’s health, doubts regarding methods of discipline, and because of a person’s desire to lose weight. To solve these health concerns, it is important to know what foods can help achieve the best results. In this regard, the Daniel diet food list provides some foods that can make dieting easier and healthier. These include consuming fresh fruits and vegetables as main components of one’s diet and drinking fresh juices such as grapefruits or vegetable juices.

Follow God’s Path

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According to the preachers, the purpose of a Christian is to follow the path of God. They also believe that we have free will and that whatever decision we make is based on the consideration of our spiritual commitments. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that a believer can never feed on unhealthy foods because it would result to an improper physical health. It is also wrong to think that a person can avoid God by fasting and abstaining from eating meat in order to avoid sin.

Fasting and abstaining from eating meat is not something that should be practiced for a few days. Instead, a Christian should consider ways to better control his hunger and thirst so that he will not be tempted to stray from the path of God. The preachers believe that if a person is going too fast or abstain from eating pork and other animals’ products for a period of ten days, he is doing God’s will and fulfilling his purpose. Therefore, he can expect to receive health and spiritual benefits as a result.

On the other hand, a person who is following the Christian fast can expect to encounter temptations while on the fast. This can be seen especially in the case of those who are really dedicated to following the Christian way of life but who failed to keep their spiritual commitments. Such people will need to have strong faith and strong will power in order to continue with their religious activities despite the temptations. In other words, they will need to make sure that they will not yield to the temptation. Aside from health and spiritual commitment, the best way to have a peace of mind is to pray and meditate during the entire period of the fast.

Final Tips 

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In order to keep one’s mind occupied and to make sure that he will not succumb to the stress brought about by the fast, people are encouraged to learn how to sing hymns and praises in front of a mirror using the “I AM” mantra. In addition, James Hindley’s creative genius has inspired a lot of other Christian musicians such as James Blunt, Nick Cave, Matt Bellamy, and Tim Rice to learn to sing songs which are dedicated to God using the “I AM” method. Indeed, these artists have made some amazing and memorable Christian music that has touched many people’s hearts. Aside from these artists, other people have also been inspired to learn to meditate using the “God Is Within Me” technique which is also promoted in the “I AM” series of books by James H. Hinch.

Aside from the motivational speakers mentioned earlier, the “Diet Food List” series by Christian Audigier has also been able to strengthen people’s resolve to follow God and to resist the temptations to eat unhealthy foods. Although this is not the only book that can help you in that endeavor, it is definitely one of the most popular ones. This is because Audigier uses the “I Am” method to encourage people to ask the Lord for His help. He believes that God can give all the answers that we need, but we should never rely on Him alone. The “Diet Food List” series by Christian Audigier is designed to encourage people to go back to the basics of their lives and to start eating healthy again.


The “I AM” prayer that comes at the end of the book can really be a help. You can also make it as your personal mantra to motivate yourself in your quest to have the kind of figure and personality that you want. It will motivate you to do the things that you have to do in order for you to obtain what you desire the most. This is why you need to get “I AM” by James Hinch: A Christian Guide to Fat Loss by Christian Audigier.

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