Asparagus Cooking – Know More About

Asparagus is a delicious and healthy vegetable. It is effortless to identify this vegetable. The slender spears make it very easy to locate it. Asparagus is one of the very first signs of coming spring. This is because asparagus usually grows during or starting of the spring. Notably, due to its shape and taste, people love cooking asparagus.

Asparagus is the very natural ingredient of many popular dishes. The flavor and is only one reason to love asparagus. Many people prefer eating asparagus because of its health benefits to the human body. 

Notably, the most common methods of cooking asparagus are listed in this post.

Asparagus Cooking - Know More About
Asparagus Cooking – Know More About

First Common Method Of Asparagus Cooking

The first method of asparagus cooking is roasting the asparagus. Roasting is the easiest and tasty way to eat asparagus.

This method is perfect suits for people who want to eat a tasty meal but don’t want to put extra time on cooking.

For Asparagus Roasting Just Follow These Steps:

  • Take the asparagus and wash it very gently.
  • After washing, take the bundle of asparagus or one by one and cut off the spears of the thing asparagus. Do not need to use any knife or scissors for snapping the spears.
  • Then arrange all the asparagus pieces on a baking sheet. After that, add olive oil on asparagus.
  • Now put the salt and other ingredients according to taste. Further toast all pieces till even and equal coat on every single piece of asparagus.
  • Now it is time to roast asparagus. Roast all asparagus pieces for ten to fifteen minutes on 450-degree Fahrenheit.
  • After roasting complete, garnish the roasted asparagus with lemon juice and with other ingredients.

Second Method Of Asparagus Cooking

The second and quite fast method of asparagus cooking is blanching the asparagus. This method will take only fifteen to twenty minutes only. 

For Blanched Asparagus Follow These Steps:

  • FIst of all, take fresh asparagus and wash them very gently. The washing process is necessary for every dish.
  • After the washing process, take a bunch of asparagus and snaps them with hand. 
  • Put all the snaped asparagus pieces into a pot or container. Then add water and salt in that pot.
  • After that boil the asparagus with saltwater for three to five minutes only. 
  • Keep monitor the asparagus spear ends when it turns droop or loos slightly than immediately turn off the heat source.
  • The wash the boiled asparagus with cold water and after that toss the asparagus pieces with ice.
  • Toss them till they turn cold and slightly hard.
  • In the end, serve blanched asparagus with lemon juice and some ingredients for extra taste.
Asparagus Cooking - Know More About
Asparagus Cooking – Know More About

Health Benefits Of Asparagus:

The asparagus is a natural source of many nutrients that are necessary for the human body. The asparagus is a pack of several vitamins like Vitamin A, C, E, and K.  Not only vitamins, but it is also a great source of fibers, folate, and chromium.

Notably, because there are many health and natural nutrients present in asparagus, many dieticians and doctors recommend people to add it to their regular diet.

By regular eating of asparagus, it can help the diabetes patients to maintain a low level of sugar in their blood.

Moreover, there are antioxidants present in the asparagus. And many people believe that asparagus can help to fight cancer. In addition, some people eat asparagus as a brain booster. 

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