Detox Diet Plan - The Healthy Detox Diet Plan -

Detox Diet Plan – The Healthy Detox Diet Plan

healthy detox diet plan

You may have heard of the latest and greatest detox diet plan, but do you really know what it is? What are its ingredients? How does it work? Is it really as good as it says it is?

The latest detoxification craze consists of drinking healthy detox diet plans that consist of a specific mixture of all-natural, organic liquids, juices, and recipes. If you listen to the radio or read any kind of magazine, you will find some brand promoting the incredible benefits of their proprietary liquid blends. Drink that lemonade for just X number of days straight and you will lose pounds like no other! But are these new drinks really any better than the old ways of eating and drinking?

An Overview

Detoxification diets have long been centered on reducing toxins and purifying the body. There is much debate as to whether or not a healthy detox diet plan including teas, juices, and a variety of fruits and vegetables actually purify the body and eliminate harmful chemicals and pollutants from our systems. In some cases, it may be possible, but it is very difficult to say what is “safe”. And in others, there are simply too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and calories in the system to allow our organs to really get a “nutritional balance” back.

One way to keep toxins from building up is to avoid eating foods that are high in simple carbs, such as white flour breads, rice, and pasta. Instead, eat whole grains such as oatmeal, barley, and bran cereals, which are higher in fiber and lower in simple carbs. Foods that are higher in protein can also help, such as fresh poultry and lean cuts of meat, as well as soy products.

Healthy Detox Diet Plans

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Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are a major part of many health problems today, even though the average American eats more than enough vitamins and minerals already. It is important for those on a detox plan to make sure that they are getting a proper amount of vitamins and minerals. The best way to ensure adequate nutrition is to eat a healthy detox diet plan filled with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and soy-based foods, along with plenty of water and herbal tea. Don’t forget to add regular exercise to your daily routine. Even 20 minutes of brisk walks every day can significantly increase the amount of nutrients and reduce stress, two factors that can contribute to poor health.

Because most people are drinking a variety of drinks, such as coffee, soda, and alcohol, we should pay special attention to our liquids. The best drinks to drink while on a healthy detox diet plan include freshly squeezed lemon juice, unsweetened natural yogurt, and herbal tea. Water should be the most accessible drink, since it is often the most overlooked and abused beverage. While there is no “right” or” wrong” way to consume water, distilled and purified waters are better than tap water, as long as it is filtered and purified. Bottled water is not considered an acceptable substitute, because it lacks the live ingredients that are in tap water.

We also need to be careful about the types of foods that we choose to eat while on a detox diet. The typical foods consumed while on a liquid diet are mainly plant-based foods, which provide a wide range of essential nutrients. While some people may crave meats, these foods are often unhealthy additions to a liquid diet and can only help those with a more specific dietary need for meats. Many people have digestive disorders that make it difficult to digest meat properly, so it is important to make sure that you choose fish and chicken products, and not beef or pork. Similarly, people who have wheat or gluten intolerance will have difficulty digesting dairy products, so it is best to stay away from such products as well.

Bottom Line

Because eating clean requires a conscious effort to focus on what we put into our bodies, it can be hard to do consciously. To help cleanse the body of toxins, take a daily multi-nutritional supplement that includes foods rich in antioxidants, and herbs to help cleanse the system. These supplements can be purchased at health food stores and online. For people who feel they cannot go without their supplements, there are even options for purchasing ready-to-consume liquid detox diet plans at pharmacies, drugstores, and discount health outlets. These liquid detox diets can help cleanse the system, while still giving the user the vitamins and nutrients they need for a healthy detox diet plan!

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