Grilled Vegetables: How To Prepare?

When you think of grilling, you generally think of hamburgers, chicken, or steaks. However, you should know that grilled vegetables also taste excellent.  Moreover, it is simple and easy to cook. To make grilled vegetables, you will just have to slice them, brush oil, and cook on a medium-high grill.

Thereafter, turn it once or twice along the way. Season it after or before cooking. This article will guide you through the process of cooking grilled vegetables.

Grilled Vegetables: How To Prepare?
Grilled Vegetables: How To Prepare?

Guidelines To Grilled Vegetables

  • The grill should be set at medium to high. However, if you are using a charcoal grill, you might have to set it in an old school way. You will have to use around 70-75 charcoal briquettes. For checking the temperature hold the hand 4-5 inches away from the grill. If you are able to hold it for 4-5 seconds, it is ready.
  • Make sure that the grill is clean. If you have food from the previous dishes, it can ruin your grilled vegetables and its flavors might be overpowered. Clean the grill before cooking.
  • Grill uncovered as even the smoke can overpower the vegetable’s flavor. This is something that you do not usually do but vegetables are special. However, if you are grilling meats and vegetables together then you should cook it covered.
  • The grill will make some marks on the vegetables. Instead of having a few messy lines, you can make sure that they appear attractive. Items that have flat sides, give them cross-hatched grill marks. This can be done by rotating them by 45 degrees when the vegetables are halfway cooked, then again when you flip it, do the same. This makes your vegetables appear as if it has been prepared by a pro.

Seasoning Grilled Vegetables

Notably, seasoning grilled vegetables is not complicated. Most of the time, you just have to toss it with some kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper powder. To give it a touch of freshness, you can add lemon juice and herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or oregano.

Pesto sauce or balsamic vinegar can also be a good addition to the cooked vegetable.

Grilling Different Vegetables

Asparagus: The smoky and charred flavor will highlight its grassy essence. Get fat spears for the grill. This meatiness will work pretty well with the cooking style. Also, these are easily manageable and is not going to fall through. Toss or brush with oil, sprinkle a little salt, and grill till it is tender and has grill marks.

Corn: Fresh sweet corn can have a smoky scent when you put it on the grill. You can prepare it in two different ways. You can do prepare it by pulling back the leaves, removing the silk, brushing some butter, and cooking it in the husk or by fulling shucking it, coating it with melted, and grilling till it is tender.

Grilled Vegetables: How To Prepare?
Grilled Vegetables: How To Prepare?

Cabbage: This is one of those vegetables that people do not consider grilling. However, try it once and you will come to realize that this is the best-grilled vegetable you can have. It will be a little crispy and sweet with blackened edges. These will be softened but yet have a crunchy texture. You just have to cut them in wedges, use a skewer to secure the outer leaves, and grill for 10-15 minutes in high heat.

Eggplant: This vegetable can be great on the grill. It can be substituted for your vegetable patty or a part of the veggie platter. However, be careful not to overcook or undercook it. Before you grill, soak it in saltwater. This way the grilled eggplant will be crispy on the outside and sweet and creamy on the inside.

Bottom Line

When you are grilling the vegetables, know the proper cooking time to prevent it from burning.

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