How To Handle Symptoms Of Gastroparesis Diet

gastroparesis diet

Normally, strong, spontaneous muscular contractions only propel food from the stomach into the small intestine. But when you suffer from gastroparesis, the motility of the stomach is so much slowed down to a point that it is just unable to empty completely. Hence, the gastroparesis diet plays an important role in treating this condition. This gastroparesis diet was developed by Dr. Bernard Jensen, an American medical practitioner.

Gastroparesis Diet Consists Of A Very Low Calorie

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This gastroparesis diet has to be adhered to diligently for it to work effectively. In order to make the diet successful, it mainly consists of a very low calorie and low fat vegetarian diet, and consumption of high quality natural butter or margarine, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and essential vitamins A and E. It also consists of consumption of raw fruits and vegetables, especially lemon juice. Some people who suffer from gastroparesis will also include sprouted grains and seeds as part of their daily diet. You can also add a small amount of whey protein to your salad or some pureed vegetable juice for additional protein.

There are different types of foods that are included in the gastroparesis diet. Grains like oats, barley and rice, nuts like almonds and walnuts, fresh fruits like apples and oranges, and vegetables like cabbage and carrots, will provide the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. However, you should avoid eating too many fatty foods. If you do not follow the strict gastroparesis diet correctly, you may suffer from severe symptoms of gastroparesis like vomiting and bowel obstruction. These symptoms increase in severity and occur regularly, even up to three times per week. Such symptoms may increase if you avoid eating vegetables or fruits.

Alternative Medicine That You Can Add To Your Daily Diet

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To help you cope with gastroparesis diet, there is an alternative medicine that you can add to your daily diet. This medicine is called seeds and has been used by different people with gastroparesis since many years. Soya, emu and buckwheat seeds have been used to treat this problem of gastroparesis. These seeds are available at health stores and supermarkets. These seeds are also used as a dietary supplement by professional athletes. The slow gastric emptying property of these seeds allows the sufferer to eat less and feel full after eating a small amount of food.

If you choose to use buckwheat seed as a meal replacement or a daily supplement, then it should be taken at least three hours before bedtime. It helps to delay gastric emptying and keeps the stomach full for a longer period. It also increases the secretion of digestive juices to aid digestion. The delayed gastric emptying property of buckwheat seeds allows your body to compensate for its inability to digest food properly. This keeps your digestive system working properly and prevents the release of gastric juices.

Another Solution For A Gastroparesis Diet

Another solution for a gastroparesis diet and for dealing with reflux is to eat more meals. When people suffer from this problem, they usually eat two meals a day – breakfast and lunch. With the help of this medicine, you can increase the number of meals you can eat. You should also include fruits in the diet plan. Fruits contain digestive hormones that help in faster digestion. Also, they provide antioxidants that prevent the damages caused by free radicals during digestion.

Snacks should be considered as an option to meals. They provide your body with vitamins and minerals that are required for faster stomach emptying. If you snack between meals, then the nutrients will be absorbed into your body faster. You should also reduce the consumption of acidic foods because these tend to irritate the lining of your stomach. Taking fish, seeds, nuts and cereals will make it easier for your stomach to digest the food that you consume.

Last Words

Lastly, you should limit the consumption of eggs. Like all other dietary changes, the incidence of gastroparesis symptoms can be prevented if you avoid the consumption of eggs. This includes a regular intake of soy products, tofu and wheat germ. You should replace those unhealthy foods with vegetables and fruits.

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