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What You Should Know About a Raw Cat Food Diet

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There are many benefits to feeding your cat a raw cat food diet. If you haven’t heard, cats are some of the healthiest animals on the planet. However, their natural diet (at least for most of the time) does not provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal health. To give you an idea, a cat eats about the same amount of food as a small human would, but has twice the amount of fiber.

An Overview

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In addition, raw foods contain all eight amino acids that are critical to taming wild animals. A true raw cat food diet consists of bone, vital organs, and meat. This diet also meets what felines ate in the wild (which is why this method of nutrition is also known as the tamed version of the wild). In the past, the leader, or alpha, of a pack had first dibs on the best meat and vital organs. The rest of the pack got next dibs after the leader.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at some of the benefits of a raw cat food diet. The main reason people prefer this type of pet food is because it eliminates a large percentage of chemical preservatives. This eliminates diseases that can be brought on by tainted pet food. In addition, a raw food diet allows the owners to keep portions of meat off of the table. This will lead to happier pets and a healthier environment overall.

Major Benefits

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The two main benefits of a raw cat food diet are providing your cat with vital organs and muscles and keeping the bones strong. The vital organs include the liver, heart, and kidneys. Keeping up these organs and muscles will ensure proper nutrition and function.

When it comes to maintaining healthy bones, felines that eat raw diets tend to have stronger bones than those who don’t. This is because bones help support the weight of the animal. Additionally, raw diets tend to be lower in fat and sodium than diets cooked at certain temperatures. These fats and sodium act as a source of energy and are essential for a healthy diet. Therefore, cats on raw diets often outgrow their felines’ existing obesity problem much more quickly.

While bones are very important, many owners do not think of greens as being vital to good health. However, while raw foods have less fat and sodium than cooked bones, they still contain high levels of these nutrients. These nutrients include calcium and magnesium. Therefore, while your kitty is getting a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins, she is also getting an abundant amount of protein.

Know The Reason 

The reason that raw foods are so beneficial is that they supply a balance of different nutrients that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. An unbalanced raw cat food diet can lead to mineral deficiencies if the elements are not replenished. This is why it is a good idea to only provide your cat with raw meat on occasion. You should allow her to get used to it and eventually take it upon herself to slowly increase the amount of meat you give her. In the meantime, she will be receiving a small amount of meat each day to satisfy her taste buds.


One of the most common causes of hair loss in cats is bacterial or viral infection of the scalp. Because of this, most owners supplement their cats’ diet with a fish oil that will aid in fighting off any infections the cat may have. Taurine is also a great supplement for cats that need taurine due to acid reflux. With all of these health benefits, there is no reason to feed your feline friend raw food.

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