Whats Included in the Heart Healthy Diet Meal Plan

heart healthy diet meal plan

The number of foods that are low in fat, low in cholesterol and yet high in calories has increased dramatically over the years. What this means for you is that it can be a challenge to plan meals on your own that are healthy and low in calories. One of the solutions for this is to purchase the Heart Healthy Diet Meal Plan. This system has all the different food groups broken down into portion sizes so that you can plan your meals and snacks. The easy to read labels even help you with your estimated reading time. The meal planning is so easy, that it can be done by anyone with no prior experience doing it.

The First Category Is Fruits And Vegetables

These are a very important category because they provide a large amount of fiber. Fiber helps move food from your stomach into your intestine. Without fiber, your digestion is slowed down which makes it easier to gain weight. With the Heart Healthy Diet Meal Plan, an estimated reading time is given so that you know how much fiber you have eaten throughout the day.

The second category is Milk, Cereals, breads, pastas and grain products. These are all foods that are high in fat, calories and salt. In the Heart Healthy Diet Meal Plan, there are categories for all of these so that it is easy to keep track of what you are eating throughout the day. There are also an estimated number of calories in each category to make it easy for you to keep track of your daily intake.

The Third Category

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The third category is Meats, seafood, poultry, eggs and dairy. These are all foods that you should be eating as part of a heart healthy diet but are sometimes hard to identify at a glance. The Heart Healthy Diet Meal Plan walks you through each of these categories so that you can identify what you should be eating in each category. You will then be able to determine which of the groups would be good for you and which would be considered a snack or even a meal.

The Fourth Category Is Snacks

This is a broad category that includes cookies, candies, chips and other snack foods. It can include everything from potato chips to pretzels. There are three main subcategories of snacks for the heart healthy diet plan. The first category is the ‘Light’, these include trail mixes, reduced fat yogurt, instant oatmeal and other similar low calorie snack foods. The second category is the ‘Medium’ snack food that includes various types of breaded meats, crackers and snack spreads.

Summing Up

Finally there are two main categories, those that are encouraged to eat and those that aren’t. If you have trouble finding whole grains, fruits and vegetables, then the main category that you should choose is not processed foods include breads, crackers and meats. There are two sub-categories, one that is healthy to eat and one that isn’t healthy to eat. The category that is not healthy to eat is whole grains, even though it contains some nutrient. If you want to add fiber, another category to select would be vegetables, which are included in the next category.

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