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Why Cant I Lose Weight On A Low Carb Diet Vegetarian Way

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When my friend Thomas started his low carb diet a few years ago, I didn’t hold much hope that it would work. If he didn’t, how could he be such a master of martial art, could he?? Whatever he mentally said to himself, I doubt he would have thought it could be possible, that at age 36, he would still be able to perform in the octagon. But, for some reason, this seemingly intelligent guy kept going and now after a few years, he’s just about champion of the world.

Proper Nutrition

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A lot has to do with his nutrition, Thomas knows his body. That’s why I think he found the low carbohydrate diet vegetarian way of eating quite helpful. His main problem was probably the amount of fat in his food. He wanted to lose weight but at first, he couldn’t find the right kind of foods to eat. He tried protein shakes, low fat dressings, high calorie foods, low carb cakes and pastries but found most were too fattening. Also, he did well for short periods of time but as soon as he got back to his normal eating habits, he gained all the weight back again.

So, what’s the answer to my friend’s question, “Why can I not lose weight on a low carb diet vegetarian way?” There’s really no easy answer to that question. I know there’s a general belief out there that all you need to do is cut back on meat, which won’t hurt you. Cutting back on meat definitely helps, but as my friend pointed out, it does nothing for you other than reducing your current weight gain. It also doesn’t help with future weight loss, which is why dieters who have lost all their weight, often gain it all back within a few months or years.

Cut Meat Out Of Your Diet

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If you want to take the approach that Heliotherapy offers, to really get rid of fat, and improve your health, you’re going to have to cut meat out of your diet. Not all nutritionists agree with this approach. Many nutritionists believe the best way to lose weight and become healthier is to follow a vegetarian lifestyle. That’s not surprising since it promotes better nutrition and better overall health. They believe that eating a plant-based diet will improve nutrition and overall health.

Herbs And Nutrients

One reason why dieters can sometimes see some weight loss with a low carb diet vegetarian approach is because of the herbs and nutrients that are usually found in these types of foods. Two of the most common herbs used for weight loss purposes in the world are Hoodia and Psyllium. Both of these herbs work to give the body what it needs to eliminate fat. Many people also believe that Hoodia works to help people lose more than weight. They also believe that the high level of sugar that they get while taking Hoodia keeps them from losing that weight, and from consuming any food, but Hoodia and Psyllium can help with many health issues.

Last Words 

Many people want to know, “Why can’t I lose weight on a low carb diet vegetarian way?” The answer is simply that not everything you put into your body can be turned into usable energy. Most plants contain large amounts of fiber and these can block some of your digestive system’s natural digestive enzymes. Even if you completely skip the meat and eat your veggies, you will still not be receiving the same amount of protein and other nutrients from your veggies that you would from a high protein diet.

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